nice if Takumi was a little worried about me.
Hehe (TN: And here we thought its a tradegy, you sadist!! Also, Takumi is probably realy really happy.)

「…… Can I ask you one thing?」


She had a blatantly disgusting face.

 I have no choice but to use my remaining magic power to read his mind.

「Why did you send Leia to Takumi?」

 Alice’s thoughts flowed into my brain.

 With a bang, I blew my nose boldly.

 What is this feeling?

 How is this possible?

 How is it possible for a person to have these emotions?

 Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

 My head hurts.
No, it’s killing my brain.

 Cut off your mind-reading skills.

「Blah blah blah.
Buha 」

I exhale heavily and looked at Alice.

 I shiver as Alice sits on my throne and looks at me in a matter-of-fact way.

 What an unconcerned look on her face and what a thought.

 After all, Alice only lived for Takumi.

 Moreover, she is convinced that Takumi is far more powerful than her.

 The strongest of the human race mistakenly believes that the weakest of the human race is the strongest.

 This would be impossible under normal circumstances.

 It’s not possible, but the reason is ……

「I know a little bit about it.
I understand a little.
I understand.
But do I?」

 Crunch, crunch, and slowly crawl out of the embedded wall.

 The magic power is already exhausted.
Lets get out of here.

 There is nothing more I can do.

 But there was something there that was non-negotiable.

「We are all born with different sized vessels.

 I walked up to Alice, sucking in the scattered magic as if to gather it up.

「People who have only small vessels can put only a few in them.
At best, they are enough to protect their families.

 That’s about it for most of us.

 You can die satisfied with that.

「Those with big vessels can put a lot of things in them.
Some have so much in their vessels that they can have vast fortunes, huge kingdoms, and the whole world.

 The vessels of the chosen High King.
Those who will go down in history.

「But even those with such a vessel can’t take on Nerissa and Alice.

 A powerful force is jeered, awe-struck, and eventually, persecuted by people.

 Even after more than a thousand years, it could not find a vessel to receive itself.

 Yes, except for one person.

「So there is only Takumi, neither Nerissa nor Alice」

 A broken vessel.

 Takumi didn’t have the vessel that everyone is born with.

‘Hey, Nerissa, will this make me stronger?’

 It reminds me of Takumi wielding the great sword I bought for him for the first time.
I should try.

 With that thought alone, the magic power that should have been completely gone comes out of the bottom of my body.

 I stand in front of Alice with my ragged body.

 I grin with all the strength I can muster.

「Stop it, you’re really going to die, Nerissa.

 Alice rises from the throne.

「Don’t lick it, my name is Nerissa.
I am Tilt the Great Sage, 372nd Head of House Hashtar, of the Lucian clan.

 It was foolish to oppose force with force.

 When I came here, I finally realized the last resort.

「Takumi belongs to Nerissa.
I won’t give him to you.

 Alice’s relentless, all-out fist closes in on Nerissa’s face as she says this.

 I imagine a single pipe.

 Just a single pipe that flows the power.

 I accept the force that came to my face as it was and let it flow.

 The body disintegrates, but it flows to the right hand and is transmitted.

 Ton, and I placed my right hand lightly on Alice’s chest.

 With a tremendous roar, the strongest of humanity was blown away for the first time in her life.

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