A Guild Pulled from Another World


The year is 2374 and despite humanities many struggles they have successfully expanded to the great void beyond the constraints of the home world. Humans have mastered the art of leaving the Earth and with the new frontier before them–they expand forth claiming infinity for themselves. This age of exploration has not come freely; many even now lose their lives in search of something more. Though humans are no strangers to death in its infinite forms. The new empire of man was built with war and signed with blood.

Before humans were able to conquer god and lay claim to his kingdom in the stars, they were on a knifes edge where destruction seemed all but guaranteed. Everything that humanity became is all because of one fateful day in 2072 when humanity reaching its breaking point of resources entered into a war over resources. Known in the history books as the Third World War, desperation led to the collapse of social order.

The Ultron Americas Territory, known at the time as the United States, was seen as the worlds greatest superpower. The nation faced its first war on its own soil by a foreign nation since its founding. The country proved that it could not be conquered by traditional means, but the cracks rooted deep in its foundation began to spread. It would not be an invasion that would bring the great country to its knees, no, it was the bubbling of years of internal strife between political parties and racial tensions that sent them into disarray and later that very year, civil war.

The world was sent spiraling as the United States collapsed leaving a huge vacuum of power that other nations tried to fill. All while smaller nations were left to fend for themselves even though due to worldwide scarcity, they could barely provide basic necessities. The world entered into a new era where economic collapse, overpopulation, ecological destruction, and a seemingly unending war spelled a grim future.

In 2083 the European Union collapsed amid continuous skirmishes against Russia. China would expand its borders through the Taiwan Strait absorbing Taiwan, conquering North and South Korea, and setting its eyes on Japan and the United States now severely weakened, facing internal strife and known as the United Confederation.

That same year French company Ultron Incorporated began its production of military hardware. The tech produced in the country quickly cemented it as the worlds largest arms dealer. In 2102 the CEO would declare France and Spain a military state and unveiled an automated army which would subject both countries in a matter of hours. Ultron would unleash a backdoor virus into all of the military hardware it had produced, crippling world powers who had become reliant on the technology. For the first time in human history every country found itself at the mercy of a corporation.

Ultron Incorporated was quick to capitalize on its new position as the worlds greatest superpower. Ultron would create a mechanized army and with them forcibly unified all of Europe before spreading to Asia and Africa. They instituted trade, exchange and unified all banking to one economy. They weren in the business of creating an empire, they were creating a new world order.

However, there is no change that comes without growing pain and this was no exception. War bloodied every country, continent and stained even the ocean and sky. Humanity fought the change as they often do, and wars raged for 74 years before all countries were one under the unstoppable hand of the Ultron Corporation.

After the world was conquered the Ultron laid claim to the throne of God. Ambition and necessity had thrown man into the stars with the creation of the orbital elevators. Now that man was unified under Ultron nothing seemed out of reach. Man colonized the Moon, Mars, Venus, the asteroid belt and even reached Titan. Humanity reached a new height and with it came a new renaissance. Ultron Inc. grew into the Interplanetary Trade Alliance and humanity was allowed to grow so long as they knew to whom they bow the knee.

Now that humanity is far divorced from its once bloody and sorted history, people once again turn to advance art in all its forms. When in a new age of technological advancement where all things seemed to work like magic, so too did video games evolve. One videogame company sought to push the boundaries of human innovation and exceeded the mark in spades.

It started with the creation of Sensory Augmentation which allows those with the implant to directly place their minds into a digital space. The f

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