Chapter 6: Small and reall sensitive…


“You can't rub it like this…
Jiang Tairan, please be gentle…”


Zan You'er leaned on Jiang Tairan's body and raised her hands slightly so that she could rub her own body through the clothes more conveniently.


Didn't the two sneak out to have sex with the other three behind their backs? Hang Jiyun, the culprit in all this, sat next to them and stared at the scene with great interest.


Five minutes ago, Zan You'er was extremely skeptical that Hang Jiyun, who would cheat in a truth or dare game, got the ace again.


After Hang Jiyun teased three men in turn, Ke Hongming asked Song Luan to yell five times out of the window that I am a pig, Jiang Tairan asked Ke Hongming to take off his pants and only put on his underwear, and Hang Jiyun asked Jiang Tairan where his favorite part of a girl was  Jiang Tairan answered after the chest.


Zan Youer got the king as expected and originally wanted to choose the truth to escape, but she was lucky enough to think that Hang Jiyun's previous dares were very gentle, and he isn't that harsh compared to others.


So she chose the dare, but when she saw Hang Jiyun's smile, which didn't show once in a hundred years, she knew she had chosen the wrong one.


Sure enough, he asked her to sit on Jiang Tairan's lap and rub her chest through her clothes.


She was so angry that she almost ran out to go home in the heavy rain, but was stopped by Song Luan.


That's right, Zan You'er is a person with a strong sense of responsibility, and she must do everything she promises, so even if her group members often ask her to do group homework by herself, she doesn't think it's a problem.


This is also the reason why those men like to be with her, as she doesn't restrict their freedom too much.


Zan You'er doesn't feel that she is being taken advantage of, because only in this way can she complete the task assigned by the teacher as quickly as possible, and her persistence in this aspect has reached a crazy level.


If someone wants her to promise something, as long as she promises, she will definitely do it, no matter how difficult it is.
Of course, she will not agree to unreasonable demands other than letting her die, so many people take advantage of this.


I am the team leader, how can I run away from my team members?


After the five-minute battle between heaven and earth, Zan Youer decided to accept the dare, and she consoled herself anyway.
It's just clothes, anyway; she doesn't have a boyfriend, and he doesn't have a girlfriend; it's all right.


I am a woman in the new era, so it's okay to have this kind of physical interaction.


Jiang Tairan couldn't wait any longer; he had been waiting for Zan You'er's answer for a couple of minutes already.
He quickly patted her thigh a few times like a puppy, motioning for her to sit up.


Zan You'er sat down with a stoic expression on her face, waited a few seconds for her to calm down, and then finished gathering up enough courage, then nodded and told Jiang Tairan that she was ready.


So Jiang Tairan stretched out his hand from under her arm, gently covered her chest with his big palm, then slowly clenched and began to knead.


The bra she wore was very thin, a light summer style, and the clothes she wore were also summer clothes, so even through the clothes and underwear, she could clearly feel her softness.


“Raise your hands to make it easier for him to move.”


Hang Jiyun suddenly added a request, asking Zan You'er to lift up the hand that was holding down his arm, and Zan You'er stared fiercely at Hang Jiyun, who had his legs crossed and a face that had nothing to do with her.


After staring for more than ten seconds, her eyes began to feel a little sour.
She withdrew her “vicious” eyes, wrinkled her face, and slowly raised her hands.


Jiang Tairan's kneading movements were more natural; his head lightly rested on Zan You'er's back, and the hot air he exhaled patted her back, making her want to dodge numbly.


But her chest was being kneaded by him, how could she avoid it? She could only resist the itching and numbness, narrow her eyes slightly, while being rubbed by him.


Her underwear is very thin, so when her nipples hardened, Jiang Tairan felt it immediately, and he rubbed harder than before, rubbing her nipples under her thin bra.




It was like being pinched by someone, and Zan Youer moaned softly.
She hadn't had this kind of borderline sexual behavior for a long time.
Her breasts were inherently sensitive, so it was strange to be moaning uncomfortably after being rubbed by Jiang Tairan like this.


Jiang Tairan's member was hard against her when she sat down.
For a guy like him who can be in heat anytime and anywhere, this is a very normal reaction, but his erotic rubbing technique really makes Zan Youer extremely sensitive.


Her body slowly softened, and she leaned against Jiang Tairan to prevent herself from falling.
Her hands had no strength to lift; they could only be spread on the sides.
Without her strength to deliberately clamp Tairan's arms, he kneaded and squeezed again.
The movement is more gentle than before.


He rubbed both sides of her breast with his thumbs, and there was a feeling of soreness coming from there.
Zan You'er had failed to stop her earlier moaning, and she moaned like a cat meowing, her buttocks pressing even harder against her own heat.


Why is Jiang Tairan wearing sweatpants? Jeans would be better; the sweatpants are too thin!


When he pressed a circle along the circumference of her chest, as if giving her a massage, the strength of the kneading before was lightened, and there was no strength to complain about him.


Song Luan and Ke Hongming stood by the window; the two, who had been confronting each other, fell silent together.
Hang Jiyun crossed his legs on the chair and stared at Jiang Tairan and You'er with dark pupils.


He took out the cigarette case from his jacket again, and the difference from last time was that he finally lit it, clamped a cigarette between his slender middle finger and index finger, took a sip with the cigarette butt in his thin lips, and the all-black cigarette body was hidden behind the opening.
In the classroom of the lamp, only white smoke tells everyone of its existence.


A bolt of lightning came from outside, followed by the sound of thunder, but it did not disturb the two people who were doing such troublesome things.
On the contrary, it added to the ambiguous atmosphere in this dark room.


“You'er's breasts are very interesting, you need to wear more tight clothes to make them cuter…”


Jiang Tairan's mouth slightly curled up; proud of the fact that Zan You'er moaned because of his rubbing; his face has been stained with lust, and desire is mottled with the shadow of the curtain on his face.


“Hmm…Jiang Tairan, shut up…ha…”


Whether it's the blush on her face or the eyes that keep piling up tears of joy, they all show the fact that she is very comfortable.




Hang Jiyun spoke in a hoarse voice, staring intently at Zan You'er's face, and something surged in his pupils.


It didn't take long for him to look away, and he stubbed out the cigarette and sat back in his seat.


“Hey, I haven't had enough yet.”


Hearing Hang Jiyun's voice, Jiang Tairan said that he hadn't had enough, but he put his hand down quickly, wrapped his arms around Zan You'er's waist, and whispered in her ear:


“It's time to get up small and…”


The warm, magnetic voice mixed with the cool wind as it floated into Zan You'er's ears; she turned her head uncomfortably and pulled Jiang Tairan's hand away:


“I know.”


But just now Standing up, her legs went limp, and she collapsed on Tairan.
She's not sure if he predicted it, but he used those strong arms to catch her and encircle her in his arms.


“Can't stand up? You're so small and sensitive…
I'll take you there.”


After he finished jokingly, the smile on his lips didn't diminish.
He princess carry her back to the original seat, and stomped on her.
On the edge of the stool I'm sitting on, he can't wait to play the next game.


But Zan Youer lay down on the table and suddenly said:


“I don't want to play anymore, you guys are too much…”


Before Jiang Tairan was disappointed, Song Luan answered from the side:


“Then how about we play the game of kings? Isn’t the mobile phone very boring, This game is very interesting.”


Zan You’er straightened up after a little bit of strength and said excitedly:


“What, I want to play an interesting game!”


“Then it’s decided like this~”


“It's a done deal!”


Zan You'er swears, she is most afraid of others saying that she is not sincere.


Song Luan softly stared at Zan You'er with soft eyes, and the smile on his lips deepened.


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