Chapter 24: She was r**p*d  


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When Xiao Yao woke up, she found that she was tied to the window sill with only a pair of underwear on her body, not even a bra.
Subconsciously, she felt a little flustered and shrank her body slightly. 


“Who sent you here?” The man sat on a chair and seemed to be studying his computer.
After that, he turned his head, and his eyes fell on her. 


Those two eyes first looked at her pair of clear and plump breasts, which made Xiao Yao tremble slightly, his cheeks became a little hot; and the pair of mounds trembled slightly, making a perfect arc. 


“I don't know what you're talking about, senior.
Please let me go.” She struggled, but she didn't expect Jun Yexuan to tie her up so tightly that she couldn't break free at all. 


“Your computer knowledge is pretty good, but what's the purpose?” Jun Yexuan threw away the mouse and stood up, walked up to her, and suddenly reached out to hold one of her mounds.
“Who asked you to approach me in this way?” 


“Hmm…” Xiao Yao couldn't help moaning when he pinched her bud; she knew that the Qin family and the Jun family were not easy to mess with, and it was really not easy to get close to them. 


“I just…
I like seniors; I have no other purpose besides that.” He suddenly rubbed her mounds hard, making Xiao Yao, whose body had become increasingly sensitive over the last two days, uneasy. 



The nipples were rubbed by his rough palms after many years of martial arts practice, and the flower hole between the two legs gradually became wet, and she could even feel a slight heat oozing out. 


Xiao Yao didn't expect that she would be so shameful, she was obviously being humiliated now, but she was still wet. 


“Ah, senior, don't do this, um…” She twisted her body, not wanting to be humiliated in this way, but her hands were tied above the hook, and she couldn't escape. 


“You think I'll believe it?” Jun Yexuan sneered, pinching her nipples with his nails, causing Xiao Yao to scream, but there was a knock on the door at the same time. 


“Come in.” His voice suddenly became a little gentle, which made Xiao Yao very curious, who is the person who wants to come in? 


However, she didn't have any clothes on…
Xiao Yao panicked for a while: “Senior, please, let me put on clothes first.” 


She was terrified; the task's target could see her body; she had to accept things, but she didn't want to accept people outside the task. 


Even if she approached them deliberately, she is not such a lewd person in essence. 


The moment the door was pushed open, Xiao Yao turned around in a panic and turned her back to them.
Although her back was smooth and there was nothing there, at least she should not face these men directly with her breasts. 


Nangong Ji didn't expect to see a woman's almost naked body after entering, let alone that this woman was bound by Jun Yexuan in such a humiliating way. 


“Senior brother, what's going on?” He didn't have the nerve to look at Xiao Yao's naked back, so he closed the door and stared at Jun Yexuan, not letting his eyes wander around and defile the girl. 


“Remember the training I told you last time? Now, I'll give you a chance.” Jun Yexuan looked at this junior who was not inferior to him, and said lightly, “R*p*d her.” 



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