Chapter 18: It wanted you a long time ago…. 


By the time Song Luan carried Zan You'er into the classroom, the smell of cigarettes was no longer there.


Ke Hongming, who was standing by the window, saw them coming in and closed the window to prevent her from being exposed to the cool breeze.
Then, he sat back in his seat and slowly shuffled the cards with his slender fingers filled with icy faces.


Song Luan put You'er on the seat next to Hang Jiyun and sat down, tightening her collar.
On the way back from the toilet, the raindrops outside avoided the eaves and spilled onto the corridor on the third floor, and the cold wind blew into her arms.
She trembled a little, so Song Luan hugged her even tighter.


He stopped abruptly when Zan You'er was about to climax, and she couldn't accept it.
Even if her body had reached the critical point, she could only relieve the strange feeling by taking a deep breath.


Her mind was a little confused, and she didn't know if it was because she stayed in the cold toilet for more than ten minutes and was blown back and forth by the cold wind.


Jiang Tairan sat behind her, trying to convey warmth to her with his fiery chest because the inner lining of her shirt was already wet and his coat was being forced on her again.


Zan You'er has the closest relationship with Jiang Tairan of the four people, possibly because Zan You'er has never treated him as the opposite sexes and such ambiguous postures have appeared several times.


Knowing that he was concerned about her, she didn't say much; she just tilted her head on his shoulder and gasped for breath.


“Shall we continue?”


Ke Hongming asked Zan You'er, who seemed uncomfortable.


“What time is it?”


As soon as she spoke, all the men present except Song Luan were a little stunned—it was so sweet, and a little depressing.


“It's less than 21 o'clock now.”


Song Luan looked at his watch and told Zan You'er the time.
She nodded when she heard it.
Since it's not ten o'clock yet, they still continued.


Perhaps it was just discussed to launch an offensive.
Ke Hongming got the king, and he ordered the one who got the ace to seduce the one who has 4.
If both sides are hard or wet, it is a sign of successful seduction. 


The winner has the option of transferring a penalty..


In fact, Zan Youer really wanted to see the scene where two big men seduce each other, but she was the one who got 4, so she could only start thinking about how to carry out the so-called seduction.


Jiang Tairan sat on the stool with some displeasure:


“Letting Xiaoyou come to seduce me is a foul; as long as she sits on me and twists a few times, I will definitely be hard…
It's not fair.”


“Even if she succeeds, you still have to try, this is to seduce each other…it is easy for you to make her wet, right?”


Ke Hongming has long heard of this playboy, who was famous in high school before. 


“Is that so? Ke Hongming, you are so loyal, I must treat you to a big meal tomorrow!”


The name has already made him frown.


Zan You'er looked at Jiang Tairan behind him:


“What should I do…
Do I have to take off my clothes too?”


Jiang Tairan looked down at her with tenderness in his eyes:


“You don't need to take off your clothes; just put them on and take them off like this.
You'll definitely catch a cold if you take them off again.”


“Then what should I do, twist and turn like you said?…Like a snake? So ugly…”


His eyes curled up with a smile, natural and innocent.
A smile always makes You'er look a little dazed:


“No need, as long as Xiao You is by my side…
I'm already very hard.”


Saying this, he took Zan You'er's hand and put it on his own.
He placed it on the tent that was protruding from his pants.


It was indeed too stiff, Jiang Tairan's trousers were probably made of silk, which is very smooth to the touch.
Zan You'er couldn't help but stroke it lightly before retracting her hand, embarrassed.


Jiang Tairan had been holding back for a long time, but being touched by her soft little hands like this, he couldn't help frowning slightly as if stimulated, and let out an unbearable low moan from his throat.


“Well, it wanted you a long time ago.
It wants you so much.
So next, Xiao Youyou only needs to close her eyes and enjoy it, and give her whole body to me.
I won't hurt you.”


Hurt? Will it still hurt if you make me wet?


Although her thoughts were complicated because of Jiang Tairan's words, she always regarded Tairan as a younger brother, or even a younger brother, even if he said I love you many times, it was only a confession between siblings.


But his appearance just now is nothing like the smiling little ruffian in the past.
It's very serious.


However, for Zan You'er, who is really dense, Tairan's words are still something that has been bugging her as the words sound familiar yet unfamiliar to her.


Jiang Tairan turned around her body, gently pinched her chin, kissed her, touched her panties with his fingers, and let go of her lips after touching a wet mark:


“Yeah, I'll take it off, or I won't know who got it wet?”


Zan You'er knew that she had been soaked long before, so it was not comfortable to wear like this, Thinking that there was still a skirt to cover her, she nodded shyly, letting Jiang Tairan's fingers hook into her own In the panties, slowly pulled down.

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