Part 2 of Chapter 13: Jiang Tairan

 Extra Story Part 2


next day——


“Jiang Tairan, why are you so clingy today? Let me go; I have to hurry up and finish my homework! If you don't let go, you will die!!”


“No, no, I want to be with Xiao Youyou.
Let's stay together and do homework.”


I hugged Zan You'er tightly as if I couldn't live without her.



She didn't get angry; she rubbed my head, and I hugged her casually, except she slapped me hard a few times when I took her pen in my hand.


I withdrew my paws, put on a pitiful face, and she couldn't help but rub my head to apologize to me, and then she justly said that if I disturbed her homework again, she would definitely kill me.


That fierce look—really, it didn't scare me at all.


But I took my hand away and sat still by the side as she worked hard on her homework.


Small and cute, she really looks like a gentle mother.


I have no memory of my mother.


One day a few weeks later, I took Xiaoyou to KFC for dinner, but I met a woman who wanted to have sex with me not long ago, which I rejected.


She saw me and You Youxin snatching a Coke (Jiang Tairan's own imagination of Wenxin) and strode over:


“Jiang Tairan? Is it because I am this kind of woman that you refuse to be with me? Except for bigger breasts, what is better? Can she match me? You are really blind!”


  I sneered,


“You can't compare to her except for your ɮʀɛǟֆȶʂ.”




She grabbed the Coke in my hand and swung it at me.
Fortunately, I dodged it in time.


But what made me laugh and cry was that Xiao You, who was sitting silently at the side just now, took another cup of Coke at some point and sprinkled it on the woman when she was spilling Coke on me.




The woman screamed, and she took me to the counter and threw about a thousand dollars at the counter:


“Sorry for making your store dirty, here is the cleaning fee, I am very sorry!”


Then she dragged me out and ran away.


She looked at the Coca-Cola stains on my body, and forced me to buy new clothes for me.
I thought about the few RMB she threw out just now:


“No, I'm just wearing stained clothes, I won’t die for it.”


“I’m planning to buy it for you because you praised me as better than that woman just now.
It is so rare that I'm this generous.
I advise you to cherish it.”


Is it the first gift Xiaoyou gave me? With that in mind, I accepted her proposal.


After shopping for two or three hours, with a pile of loot in my hand, I rushed to pay for everything except the shirt and coat she bought for me.


After all, I am so poor that I have only money left.


Holding a cup of milk tea and the meat skewers that were grilled on the street just now, she asked me,


“Xiao Tairan, where is your home? I'll take you home.”


  Home? Where do I have a home.


“There is no one in my family.
My father lives in the capital, and I am alone.”


“What about my mother?”


“…My mother died when I was three months old…”


The lonely expression on my face Definitely not acting.


In fact, I really want to see what she looks like, hear her call me calmly, and have her cook delicious food for me, which is different from the taste of food in restaurants.


I just don’t know why there is not a single photo of my mother at home, probably because the old man took them all to the capital.


She was silent for a while, probably feeling guilty for poking my heart.
She tiptoed to rub my head, and she raised her head:


“I'm sorry…do you want Xiao Tairan to stay at my house tonight? My dad's cooking is super delicious~”




I replied without hesitation.


Xiaoyou's mother is a very gentle and beautiful woman, and his father looks honest.
He was silent for a long time when he heard that his daughter was going to bring a boy home, and gave up struggling when his wife said, of course it's possible.


I thought he would hate me very much, but when they saw me, You's mother and father were surprisingly silent for more than ten seconds, and then they welcomed me in very warmly.


For the first time, I thought that being good-looking was a very advantageous thing.


It was also the first time that I experienced the warmth of a family.
Xiaoyou’s personality seemed to be a combination of her mother's and father's: gentle and not fussy, a little careless but very serious about certain things.


The dishes her father cooks are indeed the most delicious in the world, better than all the delicacies I have eaten before.
Although I eat them after cooling down so as not to burn my tongue, after eating the dishes, I don’t know why.


The guest room in Xiaoyou's home is very clean, and the bed linen and decoration are arranged according to Xiaoyou's preferences.


I took a shower and put on her father's pajamas, because her father was the only person in the family who was my height.


If it was a little shorter, would it be possible to wear tasteful pajamas? It's all because I'm too tall, hey.


I lay on the bed for a long time, unable to fall asleep, perhaps because I was a little reluctant to sleep, I hugged the pillow and thought for a few minutes, then put on my slippers and ran to the door of Youyou's room.


  ”Knock knock.”


I tapped a few times.


After waiting for more than ten seconds, the door opened, and Xiaoyou rubbed his eyes and asked me what was wrong with a tired face.


I looked at her loose pajamas and thought she was really defenseless, then squeezed into her room and closed the door, saying pitifully that I couldn't sleep and wanted to sleep with you again.


She yawned and took a glass of water.
She took a sip and handed it to me.
She took out bedding and other things from the closet and laid them beside her bed.


I laid on it myself to see if it would be hard, but I almost fell asleep.
If I hadn't called her twice, she would have fallen asleep.


Rubbing her hair embarrassingly, she patted the bed, signaling me to sleep here, then took a few sips from the cup, wondering if she kissed me indirectly?


Although I wanted to share the same bed with you, she wasn't angry when I disturbed her so much.
I felt a little guilty when I thought about it.
I lay on the quilt she made and looked at her.


As if she had a tacit understanding, she also opened her eyes and looked at me.
After a few seconds of staring at me, she got out of bed.


“Xiao Tairan, I must find a girl who loves you very much in the future, and you must love her very much.
Before that, you must be kind to yourself.”


She pinched my nose, and she continued:


  ”Don't cherish others Your body is actually ruining your own body, you are only a freshman in high school, you have to restrain yourself…
Obviously your body is already so weak.”


  Weak? Am I weak enough to fight on the bed for 300 rounds?


Recalling the sports meeting, I didn’t want to run a long-distance race.
I deliberately pretended to be very weak after winning the first place in the 100-meter sprint.
I was also teased by others for my kidney deficiency.


Is it because of this? Xiaoyou really cares about me.


I nodded, looking cute.


She smiled softly, imitated her mother, and gave me a good night kiss on the forehead, then said good night to me, got into bed, and fell asleep quickly.


I closed my eyes for about an hour…
of course, I didn't fall asleep, the smell of the small and heavy room haunted me, and I had a long erection.


Lifting the quilt and walking to her side, I gently stroked her face with my hand.
I was obviously a veteran in love, but I was nervous for a long time when I wanted to give her a kiss.


  I squeezed my fist, swallowed, and leaned down to press a kiss on her cheek.


Then he slowly went down and kissed her lips.


I've never been so nervous that I only post for a second or two before looking up to see if she's awake.


I slept soundly, wiped the sweat from my brow, and kissed her again.


The breathing became more and more heavy, and it was almost unbearable just to kiss her lips.


So he lifted her quilt a little, and put his palms on her chest.


Before I could feel her softness, I quickly withdrew my hand, covered her with the quilt, and tucked the corners of the quilt.


Staring at her lovely face carefully, I bent down to smell her sweet breath, and put my hand on her cheek to gently caress.


A few more innocent kisses, young master, I've always enjoyed playing tongue kisses…


I closed my eyes, lightly rubbed her hair, and took in the air around her—


You said you'd always be there for me, Xiao Youyou…I won't do it with those women anymore, I will take good care of my body.


If you stop being gentle with me, I will die in pain, if you want to leave me, I will tie you to me…
there is no escape…


I will listen to you, so please, please…
…don't leave me…whatever…


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