Chapter 10: Since you are so angry, 

how about I play mine for you?


Frightened by the white fluid on her body, Zan Youer froze on the spot, as if she had pressed the pause button and stood still before she pulled up her underwear.


Hang Jiyun, who had just unbuttoned her underwear, “kindly” helped the frightened You'er put on her underwear.


He put his hand inside the lining again, lifting it halfway to make his hand easier to move.


Fasten the buttons, pull the slipped shoulder straps to You'er's fragrant shoulders, and tuck them away; lightly pull the cup up with fingers to wrap the half-round, and the fingertips, intentionally or not, brushed against her nipples.


The whole movement took less than a minute, and Zan Youer worked up when her chest was touched by Hang Jiyun.


She slapped Hang Jiyun's salty pig's hand hard and hurriedly found paper to wipe off the white fluid on her body.


And Ke Hongming, who had already pulled up his pants and was about to leave, handed her the unused paper to wipe his c0ck:


“Hey, it's on your face too; wipe it off.”


She took the paper she was handed, quickly pulled out a few sheets, and wiped them on herself.


How does Ke Hongming spray so many different things? Her lower abdomen is covered by the white fluid that came from his meat stick, it's too much!


After finally wiping off the semen on her lower abdomen, she lowered her head to look at the semen on the tissue paper, a little lost in thought.


There is no fishy smell.
She heard from her friends that men's semen smells the worst, but Ke Hongming is probably a monster, and he has no smell at all.


“Again, you haven't wiped off your face yet.”


Song Luan took out a few sheets of paper from the table, crossed over the table between the two of them, and gently wiped her face, covering all of Ke Hongming's children and grandchildren.
onto the paper towel, then took the paper from You'er's hand and threw them all into the trash can.


His movements were extremely gentle, as if he were rubbing some very precious pearls.


Finally, he cleaned himself up, luckily, his stuff didn't smell, otherwise Zan You'er would cry to death today.


Suddenly remembering something, she clenched her fist and slammed it hard on Hang Jiyun's hand:


“Why did you unbutton my underwear all of a sudden? It's scary!”


Then she slammed it hard twice, as if puzzled.


Hang Jiyun reached out and squeezed her fragrant fist in his palm.


“Just add some firewood to him, it works very well.”


He turned to face Zan You'er, staring at her with his usual calm eyes.


“Are you very angry?”


Zan You'er drew back her hand and replied, puffing up as if you were talking nonsense:


“Anyone would be angry!”


“Since you are so angry, let me play with you casually.”


He pointed to his lower body, not joking at all.


Zan is perplexed—what kind of nonsense is this apology? Is Hang Jiyun messing with me?


When she firmly shook her head and said no, Hang Jiyun's mouth turned up a little, and she changed her tone:


“Isn't it a good deal? You are free to play with the most vulnerable part of my entire body.
This is the best revenge for a man.”


Zan You reasoned that being tempted would be the best form of retaliation.


“No matter what you do, I won't refuse.
“You are free to do whatever you want…
everything is under your control.”


Hang Jiyun's voice became lower and lower, and in the end it was like hypnosis, with a lazy voice that passed lightly into her ears.


Zan Youer's heart beats like crazy.


Think about it: Hang Jiyun, who is the least daring to be provoked by the whole class, is also the least able to be provoked.
Let me play with the most vulnerable parts of his body, and he will not refuse no matter what…


There is a picture in her mind.
He frowned and didn't dare to move; he had to beg her for mercy like a younger brother when he felt uncomfortable.


Zan Youer's heart was surging.


Gentlemen! Let me be your master?


She nodded like a chick pecking at rice, but she didn't see Jiang Tairan holding back his smile behind her.


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