A Disciples Fate

Chapter 3: The Birth of a Shorai

Hundreds of years later.

A blue haired eager boy wearing a blue and black outfit is lying down on a hill. He seems thrilled about something.

He smiles and then screams as loud as he can.

”Today is the day Im going to become a Shorai disciple. I can wait! ”

”Kuragami! ”

The boy looks to the left and sees his big brother calling his name.

”Yuma theres no need to shout. ”

”Oi Kuragami, don you know what day it is. We need to meet dad at mums grave. Don tell me you forgot again. ”

Knowing he is being teased, Kuragami stands up with a scowl.

”You know I never forget. Plus Yuma today is the day I become a Shorai ”

”So this is a big day especially for you Kuragami. Lets go meet dad at mums grave and then you can take the bullet train to the ceremony. ”

”Ok fine but can we not run there since ur way faster than me. Just because your a Kizoku doesn mean you get to show of how fast you are to me got that? ”

Yuma sighs. ”Fine. But its not my fault your slow ”

Kuragami punches his older brother, knowing that hes being teased again

”Shut up. ”

”Oh and Kuragami? ”

”What? ”

”Happy birthday. ”

Kuragami smiles. They both start walking down the hill and to the Water Section cemetery.

Kuragami Nozomi is a 12 year old boy who lives with his Dad and his brother Yuma. Its just been the three of them for the whole of Kuragamis life.

”Dad! ”

The dad waves. Kuragami starts running to him and Yuma follows. He is standing in front of a grave.

”Today is a special day and the start for a new era. Its Kuragamis birthday and its the day your mother died. You know Kuragami you remind me of your mother. Both of you have the same colour eyes as her. She would be so proud of you if she was with us right now on the day you become a Shorai. ”

Kuragami says ”I wish I could speak to her. She sounds awesome. ”

Yuma responds. ”She really was. ”

The three of them start to stare at her grave silently. Their dad realises he has to break the silence.

”Anyways its time we go to the ceremony. You need to go to Danketsu Lobby don you Kuragami? ”

Kuragami nods.

”Fine then. Me and Yuma will find you after the ceremony . In the meantime why don you go ahead to the ceremony? ”

”Alright. Bye guys see you later. ”

Yuma and their Dad waves at Kuragami while he runs off to the Bullet Train Station. ”

Kuragami isn the only kid running to the bullet train station. Many kids in the Water Section are excited that they finally get to become Shorai.

There are four different ranks. Shorai, Nakaba, Takai and Kizoku.

Shorai is the lowest rank. If your worthy you will get promoted to Nakaba which is the middle rank. Then if you get promoted then you will become a Takai. And all the Takai fight for the top ten ranks, the Kizoku ranks where only the ten strongest reside.

Becoming a disciple in the ranks is a very good way for the young generation to become stronger and more competitive. Its a system that allows the Disciple world to be stable.

There are multiple bullet trains. The bullet trains give everyone access to different sections of the world and the important cities where Disciples go to. There are other places such as different cities, different island and different countries. But for some of those places, the bullet train won be able to take them there.

Kuragami sees a lot of Ice and Water disciples just like him in the train station saying goodbye to their parents. He mainly focuses on the ones saying goodbye to their mothers.

He enters the bullet train and sits down by himself.

Some kids walk past where Kuragami is sitting and says hi to him. After all, he is very known in the Water Section.

The bullet train reaches its destination. Kuragami has reached Danketsu city, the city created as a symbol of unity.

Danketsu city is the main city where disciples get put on missions. The city also hosts important ceremonies. Only the rich and important live in Danketsu but the people who work for them live there too. Its a crime free city. If you do commit a crime, you get shown no mercy and get sent to a dangerous prison for the rest of your life. Its crazy but it helps deter criminals. The Kizoku are the main people protecting Danketsu city. They also do important work there too.

Kuragami sees all the bullet trains for the different sections coming ahead. He goes to the fire section train to wait for someone.

The fire section train doors open and a bunch of fire and inferno disciples exit the train.

Kuragami sees a familiar face and smiles.

”HOMURA! ” he shouts. Homura looks around and sees Kuragami then pulls annoyed look on his face. But deep down he is glad so see him so he smiles right after.

He walks up to him.

”Whats up birthday boy. Can you believe it. We
e about to be Shorais. ”

”Yeah I can wait. This will be just the start of my journey to become the Number One Kizoku. ”

Homura has a confused look on his face. ”Do you know how strong the Kizoku are? It will take so long for us to be that strong. ”

”Umm.. they
e not that strong are they? All I have to do is become a Nakaba then Takai and then then join the Ten Kizoku. With a little hard work and determination Im bound to be a Kizoku. ”

Homura face palms.

”Have you not been listening in school. Thats not how it works. ”

”Well who cares we
e about to be Shorai. Thats all that matters today. ”

Homura smiles.

The two boys start walking towards Danketsu Lobby.

Theres a lot of other Disciples on their way to the Danketsu Lobby.

Homura came from the fire section as a fire disciple he wants to surpass the current strongest Fire disciple. Kuragamis older brother Yuma is the strongest Ice disciple making him the strongest in the Water section. Although Yuma is the 7th Kizoku, Kuragami believes that his older brother is the strongest.

”Hey Homura, have you heard about the inferno Kizoku who beat everyone who tried going for his position. ”

”Yeah. His name is Kiyoshi. Theres rumours that he beat Akuma but I doubt its true since Akuma is 5th and Kiyoshi is 6th. ”

Kuragami looks at the sky.

”Yeah true. But I don believe the Kizoku are ordered because of their strength. If so Yuma would be 1st. ”

Homura face palms ”Kuragami. Your a idiot. ” Homura slaps Kuragami in the back head.

Kuragami squeals while holding both his hands on his head.

”Of course the Kizoku are ranked by strength. Do you know how strong the top Kizoku is. I heard one of them destroyed a whole island easily with a hurricane. And the same guy who destroyed that island rivals the top Yugai. We
e not allowed to talk about him though . ”

Kuragami starts to get worried.

”Yuma told me about him once. He told me that he did a attack far away from here and it endangered a lot of islands around that attack. Peoples home could have been destroyed because of him. Thats why Im gonna be the one to beat him. ”

Homura smiles. ”Not if I beat him first ”

Kuragami laughs.

Kuragami and Homura enters Danketsu Lobby. Danketsu Lobby is a big hall that can fit thousands and thousands of people. There are speakers everywhere so that everyone can hear the Kashikoi.

The five Kashikoi are former disciples who have knowledge of all the generations before and will have the knowledge of all the generations after. They are said to be the most wise in the world and in their disciple days, they were one of the strongest.

The Hall is loud with all the kids talking and telling everyone how excited they are. There are some who are petrified, some who are overconfident and some who aren bothered at all.

Kuragami looks at one of the kids. The kid has a sword on his waist and he has his hands in his pockets. Kuragami is about to approach him and talk to him but he senses a powerful aura around the kid. He hasn sensed an aura like that before, it feels different. He senses regret in his aura.

Kuragami has a feeling that the kid wants to be left alone so he stops approaching him.

The kid looks back at Kuragami.

”The names Sasaki. I have a feeling that we
e bound to fight along each other. ”

Kuragami smiles. ”My names Kuragami, brother of the 7th Kizoku. Wait. Your names Sasaki? I think I remember you from a long time ago. ”

”Yeah. I remember you too. ”

”Hey Sasaki. Do you still dream to be the strongest swordsman? ”

Sasaki turns his back on Kuragami. Kuragami looks confused, questioning himself if he said something wrong.

”Being the strongest swordsman will just hurt the people I love the most. But Kuragami, is it bad that I don care what happens to them? As long as I achieve my dreams. It doesn matter who I sacrifice. People like me who aren blessed with Disciple Powers have to work extra hard to reach our goals. And Im light years away from mine. ”

Kuragami tries to think of the best way to respond to that. And suddenly, an answer culminates in his head.

”Sasaki. My dream is to become the strongest Kizoku. Im not gonna sacrifice anyone for my dream because I want to protect everyone and bring peace to the Disciple World. ”

Sasaki is surprised that Kuragami has such a dream. Such a selfless dream that benefits others.

”Kuragami. We will meet again sooner than you think. But for now, don die out there. ”

”You too Sasaki. ”

Sasaki walks away.

”Excuse me can I have all your attention! ”

All of the disciples stops speaking as one of the Kashikoi gets everyones attention on stage.

The rest of the four Kashikoi are sat down behind him.

”Today is a special day. Today is the start of a new generation. The start of a new era. All of you today are going to become Shorai. You are going to become Disciples who protect people and make the world a better place. You will grow as people and become stronger with one another. This is a chance to change the world for better and show the world who you are. You will go out on missions and earn points to be seen as honourable Shorai who will turn into honourable Nakaba, honourable Takai and then you all could fight for the Kizoku places. Only the strongest of the strongest become Kizoku and since we are talking about them, I have a little surprise for you guys. Lets bring the Kizoku on stage ”

The whole crowd is shocked that the 10 Kizoku are going on stage. After all, they are a big influence to all disciples.

Kuragami becomes excited.

”Homura, this will be the first time we see all 10 Kizoku together. Can you believe it? ”

Homura shows a bit of excitement.

”I guess so. ”

All ten of them suddenly dash on stage faster than the eye can see. They are all wearing matching black capes with gold shoulder caps. All their capes have gold writing on the back of them which says Kizoku and their place. For example the 10th Kizoku will have Kizoku 10 on the back of his cape.

”Here we have all the 10 Kizoku. The 10th Kizoku, Name: Mizuki. 9th Name: Keikena. 8th Name: Furo. 7th Name: Yuma. 6th Name: Kiyoshi. ”

Kiyoshi looks directly at Kuragami and Kuragami looks back.

”5th Name: Akuma. ”

Akuma powers up his fiery red aura and releases it so the whole crowd feels his power, which lead to a third of the people in the crowd to faint. The whole crowd is shocked.

Kuragamis mouth is wide open because of how shocked he is.

The whole crowd starts to vocalise. Suddenly, the noise in the hall increases.

Kiyoshi steps up and calmly says ”Akuma. What the hell are you doing. ”

”These people are weak. The world doesn need then to become Shorai. I simply just - ”

Kiyoshi interrupts Akuma.

”You have a simple view of the world Akuma. I think that the Shorai we see infront of us is gonna change Disicples forever. Infact, I know it. ”

”Kiyoshi, your a idiot that needs to get taught a lesson. ”

Kiyoshi laughs.

”Akuma, no one alive could possibly teach me a lesson. Apart from one person. ”

”And that one person is me. ”

”You know I can get rid of your 5th position any time Akuma. Don test me. ”

”If so then why haven you? ”

All of the Kizoku glances at Kiyoshi. He notices so he looks at the ceiling and starts smiling.

The Kashikoi carries on with his speech

”I deeply apologise for Akumas actions. May you guys help and carry the people who fainted to the side and we will carry on with this ceremony. Ill assure you Akuma will get punished. ”

Akuma scoffs.

”We will carry this on in 30 minutes. ”

Kuragami smiles and turns to Homura.

”No way that just happened. ”

Homura doesn respond as hes shocked about what Akuma done.

All the Shorai leaves the hall and all hang around the area around Danketsu Hall.

As Kuragami and Homura leaves the hall, Kuragami lets out a scream of excitement.

Everyone notices Kuragami screaming. Homura looks around in embarrassment.

”Homura aren you excited too. We just saw the power of the 5th Kizoku. All he did was strengthen his aura and then they all fainted. And of course we
e strong enough to stay standing. ”

Homuras face enlightens.

”We were strong enough to handle with the pressure. Maybe Akuma did this to test people and see their potential. ”

”And he mustve seen that I would be the strongest one day. ”

Both of the boys laugh.

”You the strongest. Don make me laugh. ”

A voice of another Shorai is projected from behind them. Kuragami and Homura turn around. Kuragami starts to get angry.

”Of course its you. Isamu. ”

Isamu is a Thunder Disciple who used to go around terrorising other people his age. His father is a former Kozuki so early on in his life, he was taught strong techniques from his father such. It helped him adapt and made sure that in the future, those techniques will be stronger than the average disciple.

”What is it that you want Isamu? ”

”I just want to humble Kuragami. He thinks hes so strong just because his brother is a Kizoku but hes only 7th. My dad used to be 3rd. Im destined to be as strong if not stronger than him. While you will be weak, weaker than your big brother. ”

He then starts laughing.

Kuragami comes close to Isamu, so close that he can Isamu can see the anger in his eyes, grabs his shirt and says, ”Isamu, how dare you insult my brother. Hes stronger than everyone you know. Even stronger than your dad. ”

Everyone starts to form a crowd around them. Sasaki starts to watch too. A girl with a red cap and lollipop says to her friends around her,

”Whos he? ”

”Hes Kuragami, the 7th Kizokus little brother. ”

”Is that so. ”

A significant group of people with dark aura start to get interested. They are all wearing similar dark clothes. One with aura thats out more than the others, is sitting down looking at the floor.

”Hey Daku look. These two brats are gonna fight. ”

”Why don we join in Daku? ”

Daku stands up.

e not worth our time. Although that blue haired kid seems interesting. ”

They all carry on to listen to their argument.

”Prove it then. Fight me right now. If you win Ill never insult you or your brother again. But if I win then trust me, Ill make you pay for insulting my father. ”

Homura goes to Kuragami and grabs his shoulder.

”Don do it Kuragami. I will have to admit he seems stronger than you. Even stronger than me. ”

Kuragami smiles and makes Homura let go of his shoulder.

”I accept. Ill beat your ass infront of everyone watching. ”

He cracks his knuckles getting prepared for the fight.

”Fine but let me tell you one thing. I might be too fast for you. ”

”Huh? ”

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