A Disciples Fate

Chapter 1: The Blood Disciple War

How did the world get to this?

”Everyone fight! We will win this war for our people. Soon, they will all go extinct. ”

There roars of the fire can be heard throughout the battlefield. The ground is rumbling making it unsafe to stay down. Numerous earthquakes, hurricanes, deadly storms and tsunamis keep finding their way into the war. Icebergs with people freezed to death inside them start thawing out. Winds strong enough to blow people away.

There is heavy rain with high voltage thunderbolts coming down to punish anyone in its vicinity. Meteor showers are killing everyone in its radius. In some sections of the battle field, the light is taking over the dark but in others, the dark takes over the light. These are all elements of the Blood Disciple War.

Countless people are dying, countless families are worried in the cities and countless people are joining in on this blood washed war knowing that theres no hope of them coming out alive.

Theres four significant figures evidently ruling this war. A Fire Disciple, a Water Disciple, a Air Disciple and a Earth Disciple. Those four are said to be humanities strongest weapons. But not everything people say is true.

Everyone is fighting knowing that there is no solution and the outcome is inevitable death. But some people still believe that there is hope, that there is a miracle that will bestow t

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