Chapter 6

”Wake up, weve arrived to New York, ” I suddenly opened my eyes to my husbands voice. The weather outside was bad. It was rainy and dark. I sat on the seat and turned the head to my husband, who was wearing a coat. ”Its time to go. ”

He said it quietly then turning to Jane, who was wearing a jacket too, continuing discussions. I looked down noticing a warm blanket on me and then again at my husband, who was almost near the door waiting for me. I finally stood up and came to him having his arm tightly hug me on the waist.

The weather was windy. I wore a hood and hugged myself feeling the cold wind gust ran on my back making me shudder.

”Mr Hamilton? ” I heard an unfamiliar voice. ”Glad to see you. Come here. ”

The man with an umbrella came to us holding it upon my husband.

”The weather is not as good as in New Orlean, isn it? ” He laughed a bit.

My husband only nodded him. We went to the airport and had a fast passport control. It was warm inside, but I didn take off my hood because still felt a bit cold.

”We were waiting for you. As you know, there are some urgent matters incapable of postponement. ” The man said as we were driving in a limousine past the grey suburbs of New York.

They were talking about business or something, I don exactly remember. I didn listen to them watching the view from the car window. I had never been in limousine before, I had never seen New York before, I had never had husband before. There were a lot of things I had never done before Ranold Hamilton appeared in my life.

We stopped near some grand hotel. There was staff waiting for us already. The man said he reserved us a room, so we went up by the lift. Jane and my husband continued discussing some questions, which I still did not understand. When we finally came into the room, my husband quietly asked me to go to the bedroom and leave them alone. I slightly nodded and finally sighed with a relief, once behind the double wooden door.

The room and the hotel were very luxurious. The terrace with long windows, the big bed with golden ornaments, a huge smart TV and marble floor. I suddenly remembered about the floor in my house and took the phone from the pocket.

Im in New York now. Wanna see? But please do not say a word to mom [begging sticker]

I sent it to my sister.


e kidding!

No way


I smiled at her messages and came to the balcony door opening it and going out on a terrace. The view was really breathtaking. I could see high glass buildings, bright streets with a lot of ads on the huge screens of the shopping malls below, a lot of cars, people and the sounds of evening city. I took some pictures and sent them to my sister.

I can believe it…

Yeah, Susi, you have to. You have no choice.

Have you known something about dad and sister?

Not yet

Hope they are ok

After a few seconds she added another message.

And you too

Thanks, Susi. Im ok

I stepped ahead leaning on the rails. New York seemed very lively. The rain stopped. I took a deep breath. I had no idea of what was going to happen then, but that moment I was just enjoying the instant point.

”Like it? ” I shuddered turning to Jane and watching her coming closer.

”A little, ” I answered humbly.

”Me too. Ranold is an expert in choosing good places, ” she grinned. ”Have you ever been to New York before? ”

”No. Never, ” said I quietly.

”What? Never? ” She smiled with a surprise leaning on rails next to me slightly pushing me with her shoulder. ”I don believe you. ”

”Thats true, ” I smirked shriveling from cold.

”Im happy that it was you, who married Ranold, ” said Jane. ”Though I was not very keen on your sister and I almost hated her after she disappeared right under his nose. But you seem to be a good person. ”

”Y-yeah… ” I slightly smiled hearing about my sister.

”We still haven found neither her, nor her dad, but you should understand, once we did it, they will answer for what they did. The Family never leaves debts. ”

I was watching the cars below saying nothing. I knew what she meant, but I had no rights to ask about forgiveness. At that moment I had no rights.

”But you shouldn think about it anyway, ” she suddenly laughed leaning against me again and watching right into my face. ”How was Ranold? I mean, in his regard? ”

I suddenly blushed nervously clutching the rails.

”Oooh, ” she sang with her voice. ”As I thought. He is really good at it. Maybe one day you will be able to get off your chest and talk to me as a friend. Ill wait for that day. But now, we have something important to do. Lets go, Ill show you. ”

We returned to the bedroom. As Jane said me later, my husband went on a meeting, so we should prepare ourselves to follow him. She undressed just in front of me as if it was something ordinary and all I could do was to turn around for not seeing her naked. She wore a very tight dress right on the bare skin, she also did a good makeup and wore high-heeled shoes. I was watching her doing all this staff and not understanding where we were going to go.

”Don you want to change clothes too? ” Asked she almost finishing the preparations.

”I-Im not s-sure… ” uncertainly answered I.

”No, this is pathetic. You have to change, ” she stood up showing me some dresses. I shook my head. Of course I saw some omega models, who were wearing dresses, but I myself couldn imagine that to me.

”Then, maybe… ” she took the skirt out of the wardrobe.

I shook my head again.

”Honey, you have to choose, ” said she empathetically.

”Well… Then… ” I slowly pointed to the skirt.

”Well done! ” She gave it to me and I began to switch clothes.

”And… Hows it? ” I asked gently trying to pull the short skirt lower.

”Oh, my… ” she looked me head to toe. ”Your legs are so beautiful. Why didn you show them? ”

”I… I don know… ” I felt embarrassed.

”Gosh, Im sure your figure is amazing. Goosh, ” she was searching for something in the wardrobe. ”Now I understand why Ranold is so caring about you. Here it is. Wear this on top. ”

She gave me a light sweatshirt and a top. I wore tight top on my chest and then a sweatshirt. Then Jane handed me sneakers. And she also add some jewelry like a fake earrings and a necklace. She also did a light makeup for me, so I looked quite natural.

”I would add some more rings, but you already have a significant one. ”

It was the last words she said to me. Then we went downstairs and sat in a luxurious sport car.

”Hi, sweetie, ” said Jane, starting the car. ”Did you miss me? ”

She then screamed, when it sounded too loud and then we broke out of a place going ahead on the night New York streets.


The place we came in was a huge nightclub. The loud music from inside could be heard even on the street. There was a large queue outside, but Jane seemed very excited. She easily got to the security and said something. They let us in with no questions. The loud music banged into the ears. The crowd of people dancing and chilling inside was very big. There were a lot of lights and neon sticks everywhere. The smell of something sweet was in the air.

Jane took my hand and went through the crowd to the stairs going up into the vip-zone.

”Finally, I thought you would never come, ” I saw my husband with the glass of some alcohol, unbuttoned shirt near the neck, so I could see his chest, and rolled up sleeves. The music here up was a bit lower than down.

”Sorry, darling, ” answered Jane in a raised voice and gave my husband two kisses on the cheek. ”Someone couldn choose between skirt and dress. ”

”I hope that was not my husband, ” laughed he softly patting Jane on her back inviting her to come further.

And then he came to me. I shivered a bit as he put his hand on my lower back giving me a deep sudden kiss on lips. I only managed to clutch his shirt on the chest as if it could help me to avoid him. And then he leaned onto my neck hugging me tighter, beginning to wiggle from side to side, dancing slowly, lowering his hand on my butt, which made me shudder a bit. He kissed me in the neck with a dirty wet kiss leaving his saliva on my skin and then he suddenly leaned very close to my ear. ”Do not drink or eat here anything except that is something Jane or I are giving you. ”

He said that seriously as if his look of a tipsy boss was only a bait. And then he kissed me in the neck again squeezing my buttock with his hand finally hugging me tightly on the waist, pulling to himself and coming to the rest of the party. There were some men and women. I saw some young boys between them. They all were patting the men and looked more like the whores than the wives and husbands or something. My husband sat on his place on the sofa pulling me to himself making me sat on his lap. I was embarrassed and confused of all this situation, but before I could cross the hands on my chest, he already leaned me on himself beginning to kiss my neck again.

”Hang in there, ” he whispered again playing his fingers with my hair. ”We must wait until Jane is finished. ”

I was surprised he asked me to wait a bit and tolerate his awful behavior. But it more seemed like a game than a real situation, but… Moreover, his calm and deep voice near my ears, his hot breath on my skin, his fingers and hands walking on my body and his warm wet kisses made me a bit turned on. I was angry with myself for letting me feel all that. I tried not to be noticed and I was glad his hands are only fondling my back, hips and shoulders without touching any of the hot spots.

”Oh my god, Ranold! Stop teasing your husband in front of our partners. You
e drunk as hell, give your boy some freedom! ” Said Jane eventually and I understood I was saved.

She took me from my husband hardly breathing and barely understanding what was going on.

”Come on, honey, or your newly minted husband will take you just on this table. ” She hugged me by my waist and we went to the toilet.

The light red lamps were kinda unexpected. I washed my face with the cold water for a few times to finally regain consciousness. I took a few deep breaths and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes went wild as if I was addicted to him and wanted more.

”Take this, ” said Jane giving me the bottle of water and I drank almost all of it. ”You did very well. Never thought of becoming an actor? ”

She laughed to keep it light, but it didn help at all. The problem was that I didn even play a role. It was me. Real me.

Im going crazy, I thought wiping the face with the paper blanket.

”Wanna relax a bit? ” Suggested Jane and I nodded.

She took my hand and we went out of the toilet. She went downstairs and we just broke into the crowd of dancing people. I was on some parties before, but I wasn very keen on dancing. But after what happened to me on my husbands laps, I wanted to burst all my energy and emotions through the dance. So I began to dance and I liked it. We were synchronized with Jane and were moving together as if it was the best duet ever. Finally, I got exhausted and yelled her right in the ear that I would rest a bit. She nodded me and said to be careful there alone.

I went out of the crowd and walked past the bar. There were some people drinking and discussing things. The barman asked me if I wanted to drink something when I sat on the chair, but I refused. And then I saw my husband gently hugging one of the boys I saw up in the vip-zone. He covered his shoulders with his jacket and they were going to the entrance together as if they were hurrying. I understood that the boy was an omega and he had a heat by looking at his face and feeling his sweet fragrance in the air afterwards.

”Fuck you, Ranold Hamilton, ” whispered I turning to the barman and drinking in one gulp the shot on the stall. I hiccuped. ”More! ” I cried to the barman drinking another one. I felt the burning water going down my gullet. I felt a bit dizzy and drank one more finally beginning to forget about everything that happened lately.

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