Chapter 2

eeping me away from him. My mom and sister sat in a different car. He told me that my relatives would be delivered home in the full security and nothing would happen to them. I only took a deep breath, finally realizing that I was alone far away from home in the car full of strangers.

I was watching the view from the window as we were going through the bridge. The night lights were awesome and I was sticked to them, watching the bright streets, cafes and night restaurants, big business centers and shopping malls. And then the car finally stopped. Unlike the other times this one Ranold Hamilton himself opened the door in front of me, inviting me to go out. As soon as I stepped on the pavement he suddenly pulled me over close to him covering my head with his coat. I was frustrated and didn know what to do. I grabbed his shirt walking step by step near him when we finally came into the elevator. I heard how loud and frequent my heart was beating as if it took up all the space in this small cabin. I was scared. I was confused. I didn understand. But I kept holding his shirt tight in my hands as if my whole life depended on it. He let me go only when we came into the dark flat. It was as sudden as he pulled me at first, so I felt even more frustrated clutching my sleeves not knowing what to do next.

”Come here, ” he told me and stepped ahead walking into the kitchen.

I obeyed.

”Drink this, ” he handed me a glass with a little liquid inside.

”Whats this..? ” I whispered taking the glass and looking at the liquid.

”Drink it, ” he said it more strictly and I took a sip feeling the burning alcohol in my mouth. ”All of it. ” He pushed the glass towards me, so I had no choice but to drink all the liquid feeling the warmth of it deep in my stomach. ”Good. And now wait for me in the bedroom. ”

He showed me the way and I went to the door exactly as he said to me. The bedroom was dark too, but there were panoramic windows, so I could see the whole New Orlean in full view. I sat on the bed. The warmth of the drank alcohol came from the very deep and went through all my body. I felt a bit sleepy as if my eyes were closing by themselves. The heat began to cover all my body and I took off the jacket unbuttoning a few buttons on the shirt near my neck when the door into the bedroom suddenly opened. The hour had come. I felt a desperate fear deep inside me, but my body didn obey me and I was drunk.

”Stand up, ” he told me and I did as he said, pulling my head away as if it could help me.

I wanted to open my mouth, I wanted to scream and cry that I can and I do not want to do it, that Im scared. I felt his warm breath on my cheek and I flinched when the warm palm laid on my neck and the thumb patted my collarbone.

e my husband now. ” If only I knew the meaning of these words… ”You do not need it. Take it off. ”

I started unbuttoning my shirt with trembling fingers. The cool air ran on the naked chest and I felt as my nipples flinched and became harder. I was so embarrassed I could feel something at that time, but my head was completely blank and I was out of my mind because of the alcohol.

”You do not need to fear, ” he said again. ”Take it all off. ”

I heard the sound of the glass put on the bedside table as I was trying to cope with my belt and trousers. It was a real relief when I understood that Ranold Hamilton was undressing too. At least he was not like those jerks watching the others and getting pleasure from it. Maybe he is not a bad man, I thought and suddenly saw his boner ready to kill me. I was so embarrassed that immediately blushed and crossed my hands on chest.

Hes a very big bad man, I thought at that moment feeling my ass got wet from only one imprudent look. How dirty I seemed to myself then. I thanked all gods that at that time it was dark in the room and Ranold Hamilton did not turn on the lights.

When I felt his palms on my waist, lifting me up in the air and then putting on the bed, I unwillingly squealed grabbing his wrists and pulling the knees to my belly trying to twist and crawl away. But his hands only caught the right moment and position to go down my hips and spread my legs apart, so that he ended up right in front of my lips. I was so scared of such a fast switching the positions that I just grabbed his shoulders feeling his hot body on me.

”I don know what to do, ” said I suddenly as if he leaned to my lips stopping just in a few centimeters.

”Calm down, ” he whispered barely audible and finally kissed my lips making me flinched beneath him.

Id missed the moment I started feeling good from his kisses, but I remember the strong flinch and the first moan as he reached my chest. My mind was a full mess. Because of the alcohol I couldn exactly say how much time passed and if I liked it or not. I only remember the heat and warmth wherever he touched me by his hands, lips or tongue. I remember how shocked I was when he first sucked my dick. I heard from omegas and alphas from school that alphas rarely do this to their boyfriends, because its kinda humbling for a man. But who could have thought that Ranold Hamilton himself would do a blowjob to me? There were so much different feelings flooding me inside and making me feeling heat that I finally began sobbing and crying trying to overcome unknown emotions.

And then he turned me on my belly, so I could relax for a bit. He didn say a word, but even if he did I would hardly listen to him, because of my state at that moment. When I thought everything was done, the most interesting part only began. He ran his hand up my back to my neck and slightly clenched my shoulder so I gave him a squeezed exhale with something similar to the moan. And then I felt a pressure inside me and a slightly slow moves. I twitched a bit trying to go ahead, but his hand was holding me tightly. There was a thought for a second that it was his ig thing, but as he added something so the space inside became tighter, I understood there were only fingers. Even they were big enough for me, but my body was so treacherously following him and his moves making me moaning as if I wanted more of it. My fingers clenched the blanket and I felt a deep growing feeling inside me. It was coming from the very bottom giving the signals to all my sensations and I finally felt so good that I couldn stop shaking on the bed groaning so loud and cute that even my ears laid down.

His hot palms, suddenly appeared on my waist, were so pleasant and calm that for a moment I forgot about everything. I bit my lip preventing my mouth from asking for more, but it was already obvious I wanted more. And he gave me it. He gave me it for every moan I gave to him, for every flinch, and twist, and shudder. I felt him inside me and I felt the tears on my cheek, but the pleasure he gave me was much more bigger than the moment of a sudden bursting pain. I finally felt as if I was on my place, beneath him, clutching his palms with my fingers and moaning from the depth of my chest.

It was our first night. And there will be others. More other nights, filled with pleasure and endless bliss. But that night I realized for the first time the full meaning of being Olivier Michel Hamilton.

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